Raise your hand if you like to poop.

Why poop is awesome.

Pooping is awesome. Everyone agrees that a nice bowel movement makes for a great day.  So why do we avoid talking about 'poop' if everyone is doing it?

And why do we focus on the "taboo" of poop talk instead of the positive side of how awesome a good poop is?

Since kids have a tendency to hold their stool for reasons such as: school and playing; inconvenience and shyness; fear of falling in the toilet; and since their colons are still developing the stool builds-up and enlarges the colon.

It's a problem.

Every child deserves to feel awesome.

Children often go to school with baseball size dry stools stuck in their colon, overtime it only gets worse. They have no idea the poop in their body is why they can't learn easily, play happily or feel confident. All they feel is embarrassment and discomfort  Constipation is a fast road to emotional anxiety and exclusion.

Problem: Dangling feet syndrome affects every child.

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Solution: A simple and practical toilet stool.

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What makes easyGokids a win-win?

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Once the kids have gotten used to the "easyGokids" there has been good results and the children prefer the "easyGokids" and they will look to put it in place if it is not under the toilet. I have a little girl who is 4 years old with hemiparesis and she has more stability and success on the toilet with the use of the easyGoKids!

Sherri Madak-Rodgers Physical Therapist/Early Childhood Education Center/ Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities

 "I bought the one from Shark Tank, but it is quite large for a small boy - so I got the easyGokids for my 5 year old grandson as it's more compact. So far, so good. He's using it and he's not so scared now to go poop! Sometimes that happens to kids when they get constipated and it hurts? They run around trying to 'hold it in'. I'm very pleased now that this is working for him! "

Terry - 5 Stars Amazon

I bought this stool for dual purposes. My kiddo is 2 years old, and we're in the midst of potty training. He needed a way to get up onto the seat, and this stool is a fantastic find! It has enough surface area that my child can get up on it (and a 200lb weight capacity, so I'm not worried it's going to bust), and it contorts around the bottom of the toilet, out of the way when not needed.

Michele - 4.5 Stars Amazon

This is the only wrap around stool that truly pushes in under the toilet bowl so I don't have to kick it out of the way when I need to go, and my 3 years old doesn't need to spend time trying to position it when she needs to go.  It's the perfect compromise for sharing a bathroom with our 3 year old.  

Gemma - 5 Stars

I bought 2 after comparing both this easyGokids and the competition potty.  I like the 7.5" of easyGokids because it is great for my entire house...the adults and toddlers...I need to buy one more to have 3 for all of our toilets in our house.  I'm a firm believer that these stools work...you'll be amazed, buy one! 

Amazon Customer 5 Stars

My friend told me about this and it was a running joke for several months.  On a whim, I ordered one myself and OMG, this simple stool has vastly improved my issues...  I suffer from constipation and this little wonder is WON-DER-FUL!  I am now ordering on for every toilet in my house! 

Lisa C - 5 Stars Amazon

 My son who is 8 uses this because my toilet is kind of high, and I am glad I can use that excuse when people ask me what that is. The funny thing is whenever I tell people that this is actually good for adults too because it is supposed to be a better way of 'eliminating waste' from the body, they tell me they heard about that and ask me where did I get mine. 

Charles - 5 Stars Amazon

Our daughter was having issues with her legs falling asleep when she sat on the toilet, so we found this and decided to give it a try, She is 4 and she loves it. It helps her so that her legs don't fall asleep and it doubles as a foot stool to give her the little boost she needs to reach the toilet on her own. It is also fairly slim so it doesn't stick out and trip me or my husband when we use the toilet. 

A. Todd 5 Stars Amazon

We love this it's much better than Squatty Potty. It's much more Compact and tinier. The Squatty Potty had my kids legs almost up to their neck. This item is great and works out much more efficiently for us

Blue Bird - 5 Stars Amazon

It's physically difficult to "push" while trying to balance on the toilet.


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