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easyGokids is the sister company to its brother easyGopro - Go-time just got easier a dba of EGPRO, LLC a Women Owned and Operated Business based in El Segundo, CA and established in 2013.
EGPRO's goal is to provide practical solutions for parents and children alike so they may improve the their health and wellness without the hassle of multiple products and clutter in the home.   Through stylish, intelligent design and education, we hope our innovations serve to build a healthier more vibrant future for all humans.  

 "It's not important how many toilet stools we sell, or if we have funny viral commercials capturing farts, it's about how many lives we can improve with practical  and affordable solutions."  says Wendi Cooper.


We pride ourselves on 3 core values

Our drive to offer an affordable and safe solution to our customers.
Our attention to the comfort, health and well-being of children.
Our committment to be on every retail shelf around the world.



We produce an excellent top-of-the-line home good.  Our european inspire ergonomic design is patented in 5 countries.  Our manufacturing partner is located in Chino, CA and is ISO9001 and ISO13485 Certified and FDA Registered, insuring quality from A-Z.   Our PCI Certified fulfillment and logistics company is just 3 miles down the road, giving us the advantage of cost efficiencies, inventory timeliness, and data security. 

We are proud to be Made in America while providing a better way to poop for all humans around the world.  Current distribution reaches the United States, Japan, Canada UK, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark and Spain.   

"My passion was to create the perfect toilet stool that makes ones' life easier in multiple ways.  With ease of use, aesthetics, ergonomics, price and practicality in mind, our good friend  Henner Jahns of Gecco-Vision, a world-class ergonomic product designer, went to work to create the ultimate toilet stool.  Our customers agree our stool is the "cool toilet stool" and whether you're a kid or an adult, we all want to be cool."   Wendi Cooper


    Wendi Cooper 

    Wendi Cooper Founder of EasyGopro and EasyGokids toilet stool


    founder's story

    Wendi Cooper has dedicated her career to helping others for over 20 years.  In 2013 she launched EGPRO, LLC a successful ergonomic toilet stool company that sold over $1,000,000 solely on Amazon.com.

    But something began to stand-out as adults began to understand the benefits for elevating the feet on a toilet stool, the needs of children were being overlooked.   Although pediatricians are talking about it, nothing is being done to offer parents a solution targeted to their child.

    Below is an example of what you find in most Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, KidsRUs, etc.  What's missing is a toilet stool for the "older child" not only toddlers that love Thomas the Tank Train. Nothing is offered, nothing but step stools that get in the way and donuts that don't solve danglers.



    Photo taken at Manhattan Beach Target Store, January 2017

    Contact us if you think we belong on this shelf.



    staged photo - not for sale at Target Stores but we hope soon.

    It just seems only natural to offer easyGokids as a solution.  

    A Target store representative once asked Wendi, "How many kids need a product like this?"  The answer, "Every kid!"   

    A simple solution that helps so many.

    Wendi's own battle with Ovarian Cancer in 2005 and 12 surgeries over the following 8 years due to her BRCA1 genetic mutation, brought new challenges for Wendi's chronic constipation.  In 2012 a friend having health issues said that  elevating her feet while on the toilet really helped.  And so it began.

    Wendi's youngest son, now 25 yrs. suffered from severe toilet issues that cause serious health problems.  As a single Mom at the time, Wendi stood helpless through traumatic episodes of a prolapsed rectum and suffering that every parent with a constipated child understands.   "I blamed myself for my son's pain and discomfort, I would go to work and all I would think about was how if felt and how helpless I felt."

     In her son's case it resulted in an enlarged colon that plagued him into high school.  Today he still doesn't poop any place but at home.

    It's been 4 years of educating adults on elevating their feet for easier elimination, it's time to fill the gap that exists for our kids.  It's time to make available a toilet stool that speaks to their needs both in function, form and cool factor.   Changing habits now secure a healthier future.


    easyGokids toilet stool gives children a chance to take 

    ownership of their toilet habits and empower them to be

    healthier individuals.  


    "My son's stool was so dry and HUGE that the only way to get it out was to hold him down and use baby enemas, which was horrifying for all of us.  Doctors suggested mineral oil in his food, which lead to poop seeping out on to his underwear while at school. It was frightening, then his rectum prolapsed."  Wendi Cooper



    Today, Wendi is dedicated to bringing awareness, education and solutions to parents and children everywhere so they may live a more comfortable, constipation free and healthy life.   

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    Peter Soby and Wendi Cooper UBN Radio


    Wendi Cooper easyGopro and Zinco Girls

     Wendi Cooper_Katilin_Roig_DeBellis_Darla_Hahn

    Danny F and Wendi Cooper at UBN Radio TV in Hollywood with easyGopro