frequently asked questions

Q: What's the difference between easyGokids and a regular stool?

Answer:  easyGokids is designed specifically for the toilet unlike other stools designed for the sink or a stepping stool.  easyGokids is always there as it stores completely out of the way under the toilet when not in use.  

*tBye Bye Baby Store and EasyGoKids not on the shelf

easygokids toilet stool on the shelf at Target (mock up photos)

We staged this photo at Target Store - this is our goal! 

Q: Are there studies proving dangling feet cause problems in children?

Answer:   Yes, nearly every pediatrician specializing in gastroenterology will advice that a child rest their feet on a stool for proper support in order to help them bare down properly until their feet reach the floor.

Q: Is easyGopro different than easyGokids?

Answer:  easyGokids is our school age branding as we want to reach parents seeking solution for their 3-8 year-old school age children's needs post-potty training since most solution on the market only deal with potty training and not the needs children are faced with for years to come.  

Our colors are only available with easyGokids starting May 1, 2017.

easyGopro is our adult toilet stool branding is for those seeking a natural position for easier elimination by elevating their feet.  This is not something children would need until their feet reach the floor.  Same stool two very different uses.

Which means that easyGopro or easyGokids can be used by an entire family, unfortunately we must target each demographic separately in order to get the word out and be on the proper shelf in mass retail.  

One size fits all humans and toilets 7.5" H 17" L 8" W  


We focus on giving school age kids the tools they need without being embarrassed to use potty "devices", thus our branding embraces them as a member our easyGo'er community. 

Q: What is the poop fairy?     

Answer:  Glad you asked!  We are working on finding the best options for our Poop Fairy!  Our goal is to make pooping fun for kids, it's a big challenge but we have some great ideas.  We will be working on Poop Fairy Merchandise - and would love to hear your ideas.

We are exploring an app with a reward system for pooping - kids can log their successes and receive an award.  Ask questions to teach them to be looking at their poop and understanding what it means.  Soft,  little pebbles, big bigger biggest...interactive with the poop fairy.  We hope an app is the best way to engage  kids and get them interested in their health.  

Q: Can we use it at the sink?

Answer:  Yes, and No.  It depends on the age of your child.  We don't recommend ages 0 - 3 stand on easyGokids unless supervised and are mature to have good balance.   It does have a slight heal toe slant so try turning it around backwards at the sink may be more comfortable.  Note: There is a warning on the top center "Do Not Stand" but that is meant for adults as it was originally designed as an adult toilet stool.

Q:  Is there a money back guarantee?  

Answer:  Yes.  But before you decide to send it back within 30 days, make sure you check the cost of the return shipping, as you may want to consider giving it to someone (believe me there is someone close by that would be thrilled) as the size and shape makes it expensive to ship.  We do not refund any shipping costs.

Q: Do the labels remove easily?

Answer:  YES!  We are parents and we think of everyone's needs and pet-peeves. Nothing is worse than paper labels that stick on your "brand new item".  Our labels are guaranteed easy to remove (and put back on) and completely residue free.

easyGokids looks beautiful in the bathroom without labels as it blends seamlessly with the design of any toilet.  See below: 


We'd love to hear your questions, and maybe answer some for us too.  
Looking forward to hearing from you.